MES Kishora Kendra Pre-Primary School

Nursery, LKG, UKG

Welcome to a place where learning is an adventure!
Explore a world of learning and laughter where little minds blossom.

Our dedicated team creates a nurturing environment, fostering creativity and curiosity in every child.


Smart Classrooms

Spacious and colorful, our classrooms provide a stimulating environment for interactive learning.

Play Area

A dedicated space filled with age appropriate equipment, ensuring physical development and social interaction.

Reading Corner

Encouraging love for books with a cozy reading nook and a variety of engaging stories for our little readers.

Activity Room

Unleash creativity in our well-equipped activity room, where children can explore activities like art & craft, Montessori equipment, puppet theatre.

Science Scoop

Exciting experiments and hands on activities await in our science scoop, sparking curiosity about the world.

Information & Communication Technology

We engage young minds with age appropriate educational apps making learning fun and interactive.

teaching methodology

At our Pre-primary school, we believe in the power of hands-on exploration and curiosity- driven activities. Our activity based learning approach transforms education into a dynamic adventure, fostering, and a love for learning in every child.

learning at pre-primary

We understand that play is a child’s work. Our activities are carefully crafted to integrate learning seamlessly into play time, making education a joyous experience.

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