Testimonials of Former Head of the Institution

Mrs. Vasumathi Krishnaswamy Former Headmistress, Primary
Mrs. Koushalya Jagirdar, Former Headmistress, Pre-Primary

"We taught the children not only the 3 ' R' s but instilled in them human values, social skills and good behaviour. In turn, we learnt a lot from the children - patience, perseverance and love and to forgive. May the institution flourish and stay tall and great!"

Mrs. Leelavathi Gururaj
Former Headmistress, High School

"My career in MES Kishora Kendra school was an unforgettable phase of my life. It was an experience of learning, exploration, and discovery. As a novice, I had to learn and relearn through new experiences and challenges. It gave an opportunity to discover myself as a teacher and mature into a teacher who loved students and was passionate about reaching out to them with information. Most importantly, it developed me to be an empathetic teacher with concern for the kids. It was a very satisfying 20 years of my association with the school."

Mrs. Kasturi Parthasarath
Former Headmistress, High School

"MES Kishora Kendra School is a beautiful palace where young minds are nurtured, molded and guided to become great personalities in India and abroad. The school atmosphere builds up the lost tradition and customs in the young generation. The dedicated staff and the management work towards blossoming children in fields of art, culture, science and excel in many areas of education and personality. "

Mrs. Nagalakshmi H.R
Former Principal, Primary & High School

"My association with MES Kishora Kendra School began in 1990 under the able leadership of Prof. B.R. Seshadri Iyengar. It did not take much time for me to realize that MES is the best platform for intellectual growth and all-round development of children. MES Kishora Kendra School is one of the best institutions in Karnataka that provides value-based education, inculcate discipline and instill confidence in children to face the challenges of life."

Mrs. Jayanthi
Former Vice Principal

"In the profound journey of education at MES Kishora Kendra School, knowledge transcends textbooks; it becomes the force propelling positive change. This institution goes beyond conventional teaching, fostering an environment where every lesson is a spark for transformation. Here, education is not just a tool but a catalyst that fuels critical thinking, nurtures empathy, and instills a profound sense of responsibility. MES Kishora Kendra shapes not only educated minds but empowers individuals armed with the potent tool of education, ready to craft a lasting impact on the world around them."

Mrs. Veena N
Former Vice Principal

"MES Kishora Kendra is a divine learning temple which follows its own tradition and culture. It was truly exceptional, fostering a vibrant learning environment. The school's commitment to innovation in teaching methods and a curriculum that encouraged critical thinking set it apart. The emphasis on holistic development ensured that students not only excelled academically but also developed essential life skills."

Mrs. Sushma Chandran
Former Headmistress Pre-Primary

"Looking back MES Kishora Kendra School has been more than a work place. What made MES Kishora Kendra School exceptional was the freedom it offered its staff to perform their duties. It was a space where passion for teaching thrived. it has been an integral part of my life contributing significantly to my personal and professional growth. The memories created, the lessons learned and the relationships built have rendered my tenure at MES Kishora Kendra School not just valuable but truly precious."